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Getting Started in Music Photography

The experience of photographing a concert is quite exciting and a bit of an adrenaline rush. You get the front row view of some of your favourite artist and bands and capture some special moments happening on stage.

When I tell people that I do concert photography many are curious as to how I got into this industry. Everyone’s path is different, but I want to share with you tips based on how I got started.


First things first, you should have a passion or interest in photography and music. Shooting concerts can be fun and all but it is not an easy job. I find some people only do it for the perks and that shows through your work. I once was at a show and while I was waiting for the show to start the girl in the pit with me asked me how to adjust the settings on her camera to make it “less dark”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions but if one does not know how to use their camera, I felt like it was taking away an opportunity from someone else.

Here is an article about a young concert photographer, Victoria Chen, who took her curiosity and fascination with the photographers at concerts and used that use fuel to getting started. Like many, Victoria did a lot of research on how to get started and watched photography tutorials to expand her knowledge. This is just one of many examples of taking an interest and being determined to learn more in order to accomplish a goal. It may take some time and a lot of work but that passion and drive will take you a long way.

Practice Wherever and Whenever

When I first started off, I carried my camera everywhere with me, I would take photos of my surroundings, my friends and family. You must become familiar with the settings on your camera, ask your friends and family if they want any photos. Just keep shooting.

Shoot Smaller Shows

The best way to get started shooting concerts is to search up small local venues near you or community events to get into the practice of shooting live performances. Search up local artist or bands in your town or city, reach out to them and see if they need photos for any of their upcoming gigs. This will help you get into learning how to use the settings in your camera and shooting low light.

Most of the time these smaller shows will allow you to bring in your camera without a photo pass and you are able to shoot the entire show. Also take this as an opportunity to network and connect with people, trust me I know it can be a bit scary or intimidating but some of the best advice that I have been given was from fellow photographers and it opened a few doors for me. If it is a smaller show, you can take this as an opportunity to speak to the artist after their set, see if they need promotional photos and share your socials so they can stay connected.

Don’t Give Up!

Starting off isn’t easy but don’t lose hope! You have to take these little steps but before you know it you will be shooting some of your favourite artist!

I will be sharing more tips for getting into concert photography and how to get a photo pass so stay tuned! Also, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to leave them down below, I will try to answer them the best I can!

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