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Camera Lenses for Concert Photography

The most challenging aspect of shooting a concert is the lack of light. At concerts you will be shooting in low light conditions and movement on stage. As mentioned previously, you will need a DSLR where you can manually control the amount of light that comes into your camera and the shutter speed, this will aid to help you to capture crisp, high-quality images.

I personally shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii but I started off with a crop sensor Canon T3 and that is what got my foot in the door. What will really change your photography game are lenses, here are a list of my lens recommendations to capture the beautiful shots.

50 mm 1.8 Prime Lens

Quality on a Budget!

I know lenses can be very expensive but here is a lens that really upped my concert photography game on a budget.

The 50mm goes for around $150-$170 and if you purchase a used or refurbished one it can go for $100 or less!

Just The Right Focal Length

Considering that you are most likely shooting from the pit, the 50mm is a good focal length to capture the artist on stage. Also, since it is fixed you mainly just have to worry about the focus and composition.

Low Aperture = Well Lit Photos

You will be shooting in very dark conditions and will need to let in as much light into your camera to retain any information. Thankfully the 50mm goes to F/1.8, letting in a lot of light thus allowing you to shoot at a low ISO (less grain).

24-70mm F/2.8

Range of Focal Lengths!

This 24-70mm is my main go to lens because it offers a variety of focal lengths, from a wide angle to short telephoto. So you can get a shot of the whole stage or a close up on the artist.

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