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Camila Cabello @ The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Updated: May 17, 2019

With the release of her self-titled debut album earlier this year, Cabello has been out onto the road touring across North America. Last night Camila's "Never Be the Same" tour made a stop in Toronto, 1 out of 3 stops in Canada, bringing together her dedicated Camilizers for an extraordinary night.

The night kicked off with her opener, Bazzi, a singer-songwriter who's career sprung through Vine. He performed songs off of his debut album, "Cosmic", and ended his set with his hit, Mine, made popular as an internet meme and of course it's catchy tune.

Next, was the artist that everyone was waiting for. As the lights dimmed down we were met with a close up of Camila's eyes as a timer counted down. Camila's silhouette emerged from the smoke as she began with her latest single, "Never Be the Same", the crowd screamed and sang along to every word. Next followed a song that has more of a reggaeton rhythm and got everyone moving to the beat, "She Loves Control".

Camila also performed a cover, performing her rendition of Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love". Cabello decided to slowed it down and showed off more than just her vocals performing "Consequences" accompanied with her playing keyboard, the performance definitely pulled on many heartstrings really getting the audience in their feels.

One of the most memorable performances of the night was "Something's Gotta Give", Camila started off with a speech speaking on the many issues occurring in society and highlighting the LGBTQ+ community. But what really made this special was the project that a group of fans prepared specifically for this song, before the show everyone was given a coloured piece of paper that was to be placed in front of your phone's flashlight and raised up during the song, and when you look into the crowd it made up the colours of the pride flag. The people in the sections close to the stage had #TorontoStrong written on their papers in remembrance of the lives lost in the tragic Toronto attack. The fan project was successfully executed and truly a beautiful sight.

Another memorable performance had to be "In the Dark", in the middle of the song Camila stopped and decided to do as the song title says and got the lights to shut off and continued performing the song acapella and "in the dark", with phone's flashlights illuminating the room. She tried her best to get everyone in the venue to keep quiet in attempt to sing without the microphone but it was short-lived with the sounds of excitement from the audience.

The night continued with her song "Real Friends" where she was accompanied with a few lucky fans on stage singing along and living it up. She went on to perform her track with Major Lazor and her song from the soundtrack of the movie Bright called "Crown" and ended her set with another crowd favourite, "Into it".

Of course it didn't end there, as soon as Camila left the stage the crowd was hungry for more, chanting her name. She returned back on stage with one of her latest tracks with Pharrell called, "Sangria Wine" bringing a more Latin vibe and stopping hearts with her dance moves.

The show could not end without one more song, the moment the sound of the trumpets played everyone knew what was in store. Cabello could not sign off without the performance of her multi-platinum hit "Havana", this got everyone dancing and on their feet. Yes, this song may be overplayed to most but honestly for myself I can't help but sing along when I hear it.

Camila may be "Miss Movin' on" from her girl group days (sorry I had to seize the opportunity) but has proven to be able to pursue a solo career and achieve great success. After watching her on that stage it's clear that she is capable of doing amazing things and capable of reaching a wide variety of people through her art. She is truly a force to be reckon with and striving for greater things while always remaining true to herself and her roots.

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