• Linda Le

JoJo @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre

JoJo is definitely not new to the game. Many of us may say that she was part of our childhood when it came to music. The artist has had a rough 10 years facing a tough legal battle with her previous record label, Blackground Records, preventing her from releasing her third official album. In 2014, she was finally released from her contract and signed with Atlantic Records. At Saturday nights show JoJo showed everyone that she's not only back but better than ever, gracing her fans with her killer vocals and some heated moves.

The moment she stepped on stage opening with her song “Clovers” the crowd was pumped, jumping and singing along to the powerful anthem. In the middle of the show a lucky fan was brought up on stage, seated on a chair and blind folded while JoJo herself performed a lap dance to her song “Heels”. 

JoJo decided to slow things down and to take us back performing an acoustic version of "Baby It's you" and later on in the show with her other 2 earlier hits, "Too Little, Too Late" and "Get Out".

Throughout the show JoJo continuously showed her appreciation for all the support and shared the importance of self-love, touching a bit on her struggles with depression. It definitely has not been easy for her to get to the point that she's at now but she's grown stronger, resilient and nothing's holding her back this time.

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